Heart Failure and Lung Problems

Quite like humans, the dog can also have heart failure and lung problems frequently. When a dog becomes sick, not only the heart gets affected but also blood vessels, kidneys and other critical organs.

Heart failure and lung problems are a condition caused by the abnormality in structure or functioning of the heart. The heart is not able to push the normal amounts of blood to the tissues of body. Heart works like a pump and when it fails, it leads to liquid preservation in the lung. The body cavities lead to the crowding heart failure.

The cardiovascular system is made up of arterial, heart, lymph and venous circulation is closely fixed to the lung and vice versa. The ailments that affect the lung also have deep impact the cardiovascular system.

There are so many causes of heart failure in dogs-

Some of the first symptoms can go ignored till there is some special alertness and monitoring. Some symptoms on which the heart counts as compensation for cardiac disorders are tachycardia, dilatation of cardiac cavities, loss of sinuous arrhythmia, congestion of pulmonary system or congestion of circulatory system, liver, spleen, usually affected with ascittis in case of failure of heart.


With the suspicion of heart failure and lung problems, your veterinarian may examine your dog and will probably run many diagnostic tests to reassert the diagnosis and basic cause. The tests can be-


Treatment for heart failure and lung problems may vary as per the particular cause. It may include one or more of the following treatments-